RA_FV001 Raleigh, NC-Summary of Farmers' Market Prices in North Carolina Provided by: Fruit & Vegetable Market News Office Federal-State Market News Office - Raleigh, NC Phone: 919-707-3156 Internet Address: http://www.ncagprices.org STATE FARMERS MARKET - RALEIGH,... (full story)

Joe Biden was apparently off script and addressed the Biden administration’s oil oxymoron. No I am not talking about Occidental Petroleum or any other derivative of that word but the fact that the Biden administration loves to bash oil companies for not producing more oil but at the same time vowing to end fossil fuels. (full story)

Brazil’s equivalent of the USDA has raised its soybean production outlook slightly, while trimming its guess for corn. CONAB now sees soybeans at a record 152.89 million tons, up 0.1% from January as favorable results in Brazil’s Midwest cancel out... (full story)

COLUMBIA, SC Wednesday, February 08, 2023 South Carolina State Farmers Market - Prices to Growers Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal State Market News Office Columbia, SC CA_FV001 Columbia Farmers Market - Wholesale prices paid to Growers until 9:00 a.m.... (full story)

Morning Livestock Summary (full story)

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YAKIMA Shipping Point Prices as of 08-FEB-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News, Federal Market News Service, USDA. Phone:(816) 676-7051 Any questions or comments can be sent via email to:... (full story)

While soil pH can often be overlooked when it comes to fertility management, it can be a big factor in soybean yield success.  In this Managing for Profit, Derek Crompton, a Channel technical agronomist shares some tips about managing soil pH to... (full story)

Often times foods like pickles, ketchup, and mustard get pushed to the back of refrigerator shelves and consumers can be unsure if they’re still safe to eat. Questions also come up about how long lunch meat is safe after it has been opened. ... (full story)

Despite history telling us today's WASDE report will be a dud, it's still something to look forward to as markets flirt with some major technical levels. (full story)

USDA will release their Feb supply and demand numbers later today. Currently cotton is trading with morning weakness of 17 to 47 points. Turnaround Tuesday saw cotton back up by triple digits with the March contract posting a 2.8% gain. The other front months went home 209 to 227 points... (full story)

The April lean hog contract saw a $2.80 range from -$1.78 to +$1.02, before closing with a 55 cent gain. The other front month futures ended 10 to 40 cents higher on Tuesday. USDA’s National Average Base Hog price for Tuesday afternoon was $74.07, up by $1.73. The CME Lean... (full story)
HEG23: 75.600 (+0.225), HEK23: 92.300 (-0.350), KMG23: 81.825 (-0.125)

At the close Tuesday, live cattle futures were down by 25 to 90 cents. The feeder cattle market closed 40 to 72 cents lower across the front month futures. USDA reported some light cash trade in KS at $159. The weekly FCE auction listed 1,346 head for Tuesday, but saw... (full story)
LEG23: 160.475 (-0.100), LEJ23: 163.325 (-0.275), LEM23: 159.650 (-0.150), GFH23: 186.975 (-0.225), GFJ23: 190.850 (-0.500)

Wheat futures are trading fractionally to 4 cents in the black so far this morning. KC HRW futures extended their gains for the week with Tuesday adding 3 1/2 to 9 3/4 cents to the upside across the front months. Chicago wheat prices ended the day with fractional old crop... (full story)
ZWH23: 755-4 (+5-6), ZWK23: 766-2 (+5-0), ZWPAES.CM: 6.9515 (+0.0550), KEH23: 890-6 (+5-0), KEPAWS.CM: 8.5708 (+0.0500), MWH23: 922-0 (+4-6)

Soybean prices are trading with 5 to 11 cent gains, with meal recovering $5.40 to $6.40, so far on report day. The meal market continued its pull back on Tuesday with another 1.4% to 1.5% loss on the day – coming shortly after making contract highs on Friday. Soybean oil... (full story)
ZSH23: 1518-4 (+3-2), ZSPAUS.CM: 14.7597 (+0.0295), ZSK23: 1513-6 (+3-4), ZSN23: 1507-0 (+2-6)

Report day is starting with corn trading at the top end of the 3 1/4 cent overnight range. Corn prices turned red on Tuesday, but the March contract stayed within Monday’s range. The board was 4 to 5 1/2 cents weaker at the closing bell. Preliminary open interest showed some... (full story)
ZCH23: 674-4 (+0-4), ZCPAUS.CM: 6.7793 (+0.0074), ZCK23: 673-4 (+0-4), ZCN23: 663-0 (+0-4)

AL_LS600 Las Cruces, NM Wed Feb 8, 2023 USDA Market News Texas to Mexico Daily Livestock Exports ... (full story)

AL_LS603 Las Cruces, NM Feeder Cattle February 8, 2023 Daily Import Total Sales February 7, 2023 Santa Teresa, NM. EST: 2900 Compared to Monday, steer calves and yearlings sold... (full story)

The Chart of the Day belongs to the financial services company Donnelly Financial Solutions (DFIN) . I found the stock by using Barchart's powerful screening functions to find stocks with the highest technical buy signals, highest Weighted Alpha, superior current momentum and having a Trend Seeker buy signal then used... (full story)
DFIN: 49.17 (-0.35)

Cattle markets saw some corrective selling today on some decent volume overall. Last weeks cash surge of $2.92 higher pushing the average trade up to $158.17 helped pushed futures higher yesterday and in my opinion will help continue to support the market this week. Choice was up $1.83 and Select... (full story)

A Wisconsin hydrogeologist disagrees with EPA’s proposed atrazine restrictions. Ken Potrykus with the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection says the EPA is using outdated information and its current approach is... (full story)



Apple is showing good relative strength and recently broke back above the 200-day moving average. AAPL is rated a Weak Buy and The Barchart Technical Opinion rating is an 8% Buy with weakening short term outlook on maintaining the current direction. (full story)
AAPL: 154.23 (-0.42)

Yesterday the markets veered to the Upside, will that change today? (full story)

Five waves up, and three waves of a correction is a bullish structure for GLMR (full story)

March S&P 500 futures (ESH23) are down -0.30%, and March Nasdaq 100 E-Mini futures (NQH23) are down -0.34% this morning after three major U.S. benchmark indices finished the regular session higher as market participants digested less hawkish than expected comments from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell as well as a fresh batch of earnings reports. (full story)
ESH23: 4,162.75 (-13.00), NQH23: 12,737.50 (-39.25), MSFT: 275.75 (+8.19), DD: 77.31 (-0.48), DIS: 112.74 (+1.11), CVS: 88.12 (+2.14), UBER: 36.74 (+1.84), FTNT: 60.47 (+6.69), ENPH: 231.90 (+3.44), LUMN: 4.13 (-0.86), CMG: 1,651.29 (-71.57), SHW: 235.06 (-3.38)

At mid-week, a low-pressure system developing along the tail of a cold front will generate increasingly heavy rain across the mid-South, extending into the Midwest.  Storm-total rainfall could reach 2 to 4 inches from northeastern Texas into the... (full story)

Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for the likelihood of above-normal temperatures from the eastern Plains to the Atlantic Coast, while colder-than-normal conditions will cover the West.  Meanwhile, near- or above-normal precipitation... (full story)

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AL_LS625 ***CORRECTION ON FEEDER STEERS AND TOTAL*** Las Cruces, NM Tue Feb 7, 2023 USDA Market News Mexico to... (full story)

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AL_LS602 ***CORRECTION ON ST TERESA STEERS AND TOTAL*** Las Cruces, NM Wed Feb 8, 2023 USDA Market News Mexico... (full story)

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Natural Gas (NGF23) is trying to halt the deep slide since September, with odds elevated and rising for a strong bounce off downchannel support (on the weekly chart) and Friday’s fresh 2023 low following Thursday’s highly anticipated weekly storage data.  With NG arguably breaking above a descending wedge resistance (on the daily chart), a break above downchannel resistance (on the 4hr chart) post-storage is likely.  (full story)
NGF23: 4.709s (-0.573)

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SA-LS850 San Angelo, TX Tue Feb 07, 2023 USDA Market News National Sheep Summary for Tuesday, February 07, 2023 Compared to last week at New Holland, PA slaughter lambs 5.00-15.00 higher; slaughter ewes firm to 20.00 higher. At San Angelo, TX slaughter lambs weak; slaughter... (full story)

Hello Traders, in this article we will have a look on BTC/USD. You will see how we were able to forecast in advance the upcoming wave ((iv)) correction. Bitcoin is trading within a larger degree cycle that started from 11.21.2022. Current cycle appears to be within extended wave 3. (full story)